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Do not patronize Huntley Preschool in Studio City , California !A customer of theirs is a violent threat to the neighbporhood.

He has made criminal threats to people in the neighborhood for which he is being investigated by the police. In addition, he cruely neglects his dog which he leaves in a black car , in the sun, with the windows up on hot days. He spends a significant period of time in the preschool each day. He displays an ambiguous licence plate on his truck to avoid being caught.

The director of the preschool is fully aware of his actions and condones them. When asked to respond, she was uncooperative to the point of paranoia. ASK YOURSELF... is this the kind of preschool you want taking care of your kids ?

How are they going to respond if you have a problem or wish to discuss something with them ?

They are complicit in the actions of this violent man and will do nothing; even as simple a thing as moving him to another campus or dropping him as a customer.Are these the kind of people you want around YOUR kids ??

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WHAT a *** Mr. LeFont is!

Huntley Parent


The above posting is the wholly fabricated rant by an individual named Mark LeFont. Residing at 3244 Oakley Drive Los Angeles CA 90068, a few blocks south of Huntley Preschool.

Mr. LeFont has no children enrolled in, or any affiliation with Huntley Preschool in any way.

I do not have any personal relationship or connection to Mr. LeFont in any way.

I have a child enrolled in Huntley Preschool.

Mr. LeFont has randomly singled me out (the person spoken of in his tirade) and Huntley Preschool, to threaten and harass with unsubstantiated claims of Violence and Animal Abuse. Neither are true. This post is not a retaliation but a statement of facts revolving around this unfortunate circumstance.

It is my effort to refute these allegations about Huntley Preschool. Huntley is an amazing facility with outstanding teachers.

Daily, I drop of my child at Huntley Preschool. Our family dog is fortunate enough to go to work with me every day, and has for 10 years, as I am self-employed. He waits patiently in our truck for 10-15 minutes, tinted windows always down and always parked in shade. Average temperature this time of day 60 to 70 degrees.

Harassment began May 17th at 9:00 AM.

On this day when he came to the preschool searching for the “owner of that black truck”.

In an extremely aggressive and combative manner, he expressed that he had called the Police because he had observed a Dog in the truck.

I thanked him for his concern and tried to reassure him that the dog was not in any distress, or a victim of any type of abuse, but he was too busy yelling at screaming to listen. We politely excused ourselves.

Later that day he began making attempts to illegally enter Huntley Preschool.

He became aggressive with faculty and parents trying to acquire the code to the security gate.

The following day Mr. LeFont charged me as I was leaving the school yelling "I am going to f**ck you up, you son-of-a-***!."

In an attempt to lure me into a physical confrontation he continued his angry outburst and taunting me with threats of "getting his gun to show me what he could do," and "I know where you are every morning".

His comments and behaviors left me fearful that this individual might do harm to the school, the staff or the children.

I remained in my vehicle keeping my distance, and called the Police.

North Hollywood Police officers Acvenedo #33765 and Officer Bennett #30928 came and took a full report.

Mr. LeFont continued his harassment that day by phone.

Calling the school and making more threats, including stating that his intention was to get me and my children thrown out of the school.

He then called the owners of Huntley and made false allegations about me and the faculty.

He then called the Licensing Board and made false allegations about Huntley.

He then filed a Police Report against me, making fabricated claims in an effort to get anyone to listen to him.

LAPD contacted me later and determined that I was no threat and apologized for the inconvenience.

(It is to this extent that "I am being investigated by the Police").

Side note: When Mr. LeFont didn't get the response he desired, he then filed a complaint against the Field Lead at North Hollywood LAPD, Rob Benavidez #32151.

Next he called City Counsel to try and get a ban on my car for parking on the street.

My vehicle is properly registered with a California issued License Plate and tags.

He then called Animal Services and made false allegations of Animal Abuse.

This was followed by a very pleasant and amiable visit from Animal Services on June 14th.

When I met with field officer Bessnia #197, in front of the school at the normal time of day that I am there, it was determined with complete confidence that there was no case of Animal neglect. Quite the opposite. Officer Bessnia complimented me on the health and happiness of my dog, and how peaceful he was in the truck.

You can read the report #A12-049611.

Available upon request from:

Los Angeles Department of Animal Services

Custodian of Records

Ross Pool 213.482.9501

221 North Figueroa 5th Floor LA 90012

I followed up with Lt. Ramirez at Animal Services to be sure everything was clear.

She expressed to me that Mr. LeFont had been harassing their office too for over a week, and Mr. LeFont was an extremely unpleasant individual that had needlessly dragged her supervisor into the situation.

Once she had met with the Field Officer, Lt. Ramirez made a personal call to Mr. LeFont to let him know that his claims were inaccurate and that our Dog was safe and well cared for. His response was not one of relief, but one of disappointment and anger that they hadn't punished me somehow.

Mr. LeFont then began leaving boxes of *** at the door of Huntley Preschool as a 'message'.

Violating health code: 53.49 of the LAMC

We are unclear as to whether it is his or his dog's excrement.

Now Mr. LeFont is on a campaign to smear Huntley's hard earned reputation by posting this fabricated rant on as many online outlets as he can.

Please do not judge Huntley or its outstanding faculty of caring professionals.

We are concerned about the safety of Huntley Preschool, its staff and children.

thank you


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